Sunday, April 25, 2004

Intriging Dignity

Jaded circumstances in eggshells
Not needy and hardly hearty
Those gestures and medical grin
flumoxed by the bar queue
and reasonable restraint with
yellow painted lines around the lie
forget the main object for a while and
season the child
give a little bit of your time
make it important to them
because they know they are
something you stopped being
a long time ago
and they want you to know

it seems you treasure every moment
as thought it were your own and then
the saddening measure of how alone
and beneign being together and

wearing feathered mask
that say
to be good
is evil
when you are not good

but to be evil when
you are evil
is still evil.

Being good is hard
but the rewards are part
of the lay of each
carefully laid card

- 12:30 25 apr 2004

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Saturday, April 10, 2004


Burning the offer and walking as fast as he could the man turned around and stamped on his foot.

Pulled about the dark walls the sheets are tight as a horse the storm tugs progess along the pages

And the man speaks light from both feet he is dreading the course his breast is bent and fingers tense

He is playing with bits of gorse hardening in cement he is playing like a ship divides the sea

into port and leward ho the day went kind of slow as his feet touch the lament the deity

of the clouds and the ascent into the sky on heaven sent light