Saturday, February 28, 2004

Chaos and Matter II
(2004 Version - revised)

The shoes fit like gloves
onto tender hands that
caress midnight fears away

like the wandering feathers of an
untied goose ... blissfully

like the ancient artificated sites
of quarries

or a curdle forming in cream
- tenderly

capsules arrive to take you
to the forgotten forest

chinks in time play a patter past
all the rolling out moments that
gather dust under the wooden mantle

we cry out in the lonely wind
but past it whistles
sound evaporating to silence

torn before the start of life
the hand passes over the eyes in the

and we pull levers
to try to close the great gap
opening up

between chaos and matter

© 2004 (2004 version 2)


No faint hearted slide
from nibble to night

No walk in the dark
for thieves no glide
no seat for the side
no wheat for the blind

no thing to eat
the ground
is not fertile

but feet are lost
in clouds
there are leaks in the
logic of the house

there are mosaic patterns
shattered themes and lost

there are promises
she didn't keep
locked up in
false smiles

Thursday, February 12, 2004

Fast life

Light my cigarette?

It was a stump, not a fag
It was a found item
It was scarred rubbish

but she was an old woman in a childs life
all ready to gasp addiction lungs
failing and the scars on her face

Do you have any?
she knew how to ask


I already died.
I said.

Jaws drop at the suggestion
The walls are warm and thick
and the doors are flapping
with a fine sense of indignation

The summer is here
It is not going to fall

Just desserts for the land
Lips curl around your words forming a snarl

music falls like wooden pegs
in this dance of shallow words

Loose ties that keep us going
in these times of dark looks
through feeble smiles

noble hooks to take us
before our time.