Monday, March 29, 2004

Loose Cannons

Strike hot iron
Get it while its hot
and run like the wind

Fire in their hearts
hair a flame and
their eyes mean business

Loosened and chalk
tall tales lend authority
and self righteous
neglect and piety

Sodden arm trouser
Rotten sleeve and
Bad albums,
Lost leaves

Friday, March 12, 2004

a poem about leaving
for competition

embrace burning hot ice
each eye locked in shudder
the morning, born of a crowing in the distance
that look in your eyes
the pages of the book
you turned over during the morning meal

that noble appeal to me and my sense of valour
you thought I understood
you thought that air rising in my breast was not fear
you thought I would let it all come to naught
on the dreadful air of battle

and now you take your horse and
leave of me
your child safe and warm but
your vast majesty death borne
for the sake of valour

what bold torture
a wrenched jem from the inner parts
of my leaves

copyright © 2004 by Nicholas Alexander

The competition entry line 15 your changed to unknown