Wednesday, December 24, 2003

The truth about whirl winds

They planned it here and here
but it was there and all over there
whipping tails have a habit of
cleaning out the room full of
toys opening the cupboard door
and out they fall...

From where that breath comes?
The nexus of the vortex is naught
The long darkness spreads its magic wings
and you are lost in a shower of frost

Crawling out of the darkness and emerging into the soft light of morning
when dew appears in leaves and amber light warms the air

you can breathe in the light
with both mouths
and eyes

the dancing fingers tapping on the window
the little feet that call on your sunshine

feet to the left and sweep to the right
nobody is going to take your feet
or your eyes

the winter is long and hard and its winter
but the summer is terrifying and the girl in the light faints from the heat

then its still and a vacuum draws away motion like cream leaving the saucer
like the magic in the air turning to dust and snap, it falls

the conversation carries on as if nothing had happened
other end of the room is nigh

December 2003

Saturday, December 13, 2003

The Dark Dream

The sun rose above our heads
giving me moments to aborb its ointment
and notice your gentle breath coaxing teasing and tugging
the wandering flock of clouds now
distant as the tremble under your eyelid
settles me
to a peace
unknown in my war-torn
dream-life away from home

19 June 1992

Wednesday, December 03, 2003


not extreme
like the wind
but barely noticeable

this is my world
and sticking to it
whatever you call it

average in between
nothing exploding
no fantastic leap

the lights are burning
the leaves are on the ground
its winter and it snows

when you get cold
it is because of the weather

when you lose at cards
it feels dreadful
penny dry

12:08am 2 December 2003