Thursday, August 18, 2005


Peace left in a cantan
led my a myre of groats, weasils und ferrets
who led entourage of spectacular wit and sighing
a whirlwind brought change as Peace leads through the mud
the silence of ease exchanges fright for less
a foul mouthed interchange between the remorsless and the devout
belonged under the table
the feet lay still
and quivered a little
as though tickled
but dying encased in old mud
boxes of drying old fruit
fat in the sun attracting
all manner of rude attention
and the beat of the child
who walked up and down
the ward looking for its mum

beat beat the heart soared
and the wisdom it carried
with it was shaken by its senses
stored carefully in wooden boxes
played with by children
sorted into colours and
given to adults wisely showing interest
drawing it out of the curious
coaxing it from the slow
but never
letting go

1:15 Aug 18 2005


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